Streaming Data Integration for data driven applications

Accelerate your applications and analytics project delivery with our DataOps-as-a-service

Data pipelines are the foundation of your company, providing each department and employee the relevant information and skills. But ingesting, processing, securing, and analyzing your data sets, what we refer to as DataOps, is proving to be complex. We help you deliver continuous data to every part of your business by providing the latest technologies for real-time data processing, taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence solutions for extracting value from data. 

Our DataOps-as-a-service is a combination of a fully managed streaming data platform and services to build and maintain your data pipelines, expandable with a data lake.  

The problems we solve

Today’s data is messy and unpredictable. The development of data, applications and analytics pipelines is still often an handcrafted and largely non-repeatable process with minimal reuse, managed by individuals working in isolation with different tools and approaches. We ensure data resiliency and agility by making your data business ready and helping you deliver continuous data to every part of your business.

  • Data ingestion; extract data from platforms and sources
  • Data preparation; clean and transform your data
  • Data processing; build and manage complex flows
  • AI integration; integrate machine learning
  • Data publishing; build custom connectors
  • Data visualisation: visualise data streams

Our DataLab, the key to your success

Our DataLab is designed for the experimentation and qualification of your data. Use our DataLab to develop apps and explore your datasets, to process them and to use them for your apps, analytics and Machine Learning algorithms.

Our DataLab is a SaaS ready hot pluggable platform and leverages the full power of Cloudera, ElasticSearch, Kibana, Jupyter, Redis and Kafka, DotNetCore, OCR, and much more(!), to maximize the value of your data.

Start small. Picture our DataLab as an agile and evolving startup running for your company. It helps you be more data centric without disrupting the entire company. 

Maximize the value of your data without compromising privacy

Do you need to comply with the GDPR and e-Privacy regulations and at the same time get the most out of your data? We can help.

We built unique service on top of our streaming data platform that makes traceable Privacy (PII) data from connected applications anonymous and protected.

Our service meets all requirements under the GDPR and ePrivacy regulations and is audited and used by Dutch governments.

Coming soon... MLOps-as-a-Service

We help you put your machine learning models into production

For organizations, getting machine learning (ML) models to production and scaling use cases in the business has been a significant challenge. With our ML-Ops-as-a-Service we support you with a streamlined way to manage machine learning throughout the life cycle of data. 

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