Platform to unlock the potentials of your data pipelines

Benefit from a smart blend of APIs and Events

Any use case

Add micro services, orchestration, and data flow management across your business

Speed development

Take new connections from build to operations in a matter of hours. Our platform comes with libraries, reusable components, flow managers, and grammar -a declarative JSON format- to build, run, and share powerful ETL /ELT pipelines and connections. 

Data in motion

Translate and store data in cache or treat all data sources as streams by triggering ETL /ELT data pipelines when certain events occur. Our event driven architecture (EDA) helps you build and run elastic, scalable connections and micro services.

Predictable pricing

Skip complex pricing models. We charge datacentre resource consumption instead. You know exactly how much you’ll be charged and why.

Share connections

Multi-tenants and Appstores to publish connections as reusable apps for your users. Each tenant has its own self-service GUI, connections, and data pipelines. All controlled by you. 

Unify your ETL /ELT data pipelines

Unlock your data pipelines with low-code, declarative JSON format and Swagger REST APIs

We make it easy to produce and consume data, view the state, and perform administrative actions without using the native protocols or clients

Build, test, and run your ETL /ELT data pipelines cloud native on Kubernetes

Not an engineer?

We can help

We help our customers and partners deliver connections and applications to production more quickly, more flexibly and more securely. We support all activities that help automate data pipelines and speed cycle times. 

Our roots connect to Kubernetes, micro services, Big and Fast Data platforms, analytics, infrastructure as code, DataOps, CloudOps, cloud migrations, cloud architecture, CI/CD, security, AWS, Google, Azure, Oracle, Angular, Spark, ELK, HDFS, Scala, C#, Cloudera, Databricks, Snowflakes, Redis, Kafka, Jenkins, and more.

Our partners monetize connections

We offer our partners a one-stop-shop for selling connections

Use our platform to resell or quickly build, launch and profitably deliver white labeled recurring services to your customers and resellers.

You are in good company

Questions? We are here to help!