Modern data integration and analytics

Platform and services to run the most scalable data pipelines and make your business real-time


Develop and deploy all your data pipelines from an easy to use, self-service UI. Build data pipelines from Structured, Semi-Structured and Unstructured Data source using distributed processing techniques.


As data volumes explode, all underlying data in real-time is no longer practical. Therefore, our platform monitors changes to critical data elements and streams those changes to any environment.


Existing document data capture solutions don't ease the burden of paper document processing. Our platform combines OCR/ICR with cognitive document processing and streams the structured data to any environment.


Use use our low coding UI to connect any source to your analytics environment or replicate data from any source to data lakes like AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud.


We offer a lighting fast in-memory computing platform that integrates Kafka, Redis, Spark, Hadoop, and ElasticSearch to run real-time analytics across live operational and historical data. ​


Emerging service areas like IoT require an instant connection between users and devices. That's our background. But our customers also use our platform to close the gap between data ingestion and real-time business intelligence.

We provide a fully managed, low-impact way of asynchronously data replication, end-to-end integration, and real-time analytics. Priced for any use case.

Design data flows, build data pipelines, and feed your analytics platforms and apps with continuous data from any source

Most legacy solutions are priced for isolated use cases and offer limited features nor support new technologies. Our platform supports any integration and analytics use case. Use the platform to build data pipelines across platforms and modernize your data lakes and data warehouses. 

Customer use cases

Data brokerage 

Continuous data and intelligence for a logistics  platform to guarantee the quality and sharing of information between partners and logistics players.

Proximity marketing

Real-time anonymized privacy data from mobile and WIFI to track the movements of users and start relevant dialogues based on behavior and patterns.   

Smart Mobility

Continuous data integration, location intelligence, spatial data processing, and analytics for the transformation of mobility and city living. 

Real-time trading

Lightning-fast integrations for FX, Indices, Commodities, Equities, and Cryptocurrency data to enable real-time analytics, copy trading, and trade predictions.

Traffic control 

Platform to compare real-time volumes and shipment amounts to the set of routes and provides a list of potential carriers matching shippers’ requirements. 

Customer journey

Social media and online integrations for customer care and marketing. Used to analyze the customer journey and predict & auto-execute the next best action.  


Our DataLab is designed for the experimentation and qualification of your data. Use the DataLab to test our platform and services.

Become data-centric without disrupting your entire company

Use our DataLab to start small. Add new integrations step-by-step to become data-centric without disrupting your entire company.


Use our connectors to build your data pipelines fast, without code

Enable privacy-enhanced analytics

If you use data about persons without collecting consent, you need to make sure that the data is really anonymized. To help you deal with privacy data, our platform independently anonymizes PII-related data, giving you the freedom to build data pipelines and carry out analysis while protecting people’s personal data.

Enable Location Intelligence

Our platform assigns attributes and channels to timestamps and locations and identifies how they interact with other objects on street maps

Use cases

  • Spatial data processing to understand the distribution of people, their socio-demographic profile, and habits.
  • Location based communication to start relevant dialogues with your audience based on real-time locations and context.
  • Location intelligence to understand what’s happening and anticipate on relevant, real-time, insights.

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