Managed DataOps & MLOps

End-to-End services for Machine Learning and Data Analytics


Structure data operations


Speed up ML cycles

Reach the full potential of your data


Managed automation services, coaching, and 24×7 operational support. This includes infrastructure-as-code, CI/CD, user onboarding, cloud security & governance, monitoring, and reporting.


We are hands-on engineers and not in the business of staff augmentation. Our engineers support all other activities that help businesses reach the full potential of their data.


Our Talent academy provides DataOps and MLOps engineering training, certification, and coaching programs to help individual professionals and technical teams to become the best engineers in the field.


A powerful blend of streaming and batch, CDC, machine learning, rules engine, and expertise to convert data into actionable knowledge.

DataOps benefits

Build + Deploy + Operate continuous delivery with speed

Business teams

Bring agility to business decisions by having key information available in minutes, instead of weeks or months. 

Data development teams

Focus on adding value to data with continuous innovation, development, design, release and test within minutes.

Data architect teams

Focus on design and development by automating data organizational tasks and data model development.

MLOps benefits

Business teams

Bring agility to your business decisions by shorting the lifecycle time of high quality models. 

Data scientists teams

Focus on bringing value to models with continuous development, iteration, design, testing and release cycles.

Data operations teams

Provide self-service mechanisms to data scientists with fully automated testing and experimental environments.


Our DataLab is designed for data experimentation and evaluation. It supports recent versions of Redis, Kafka, ELK, Kibana, Cloudera, Jupyter, Angular, and much more.


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