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Data pipelines are the foundation of your company, providing each department and employee the relevant information and skills. But building, ingesting, processing, securing, and analyzing your data sets, what we refer to as Data engineering and Data Operations, is proving to be complex. The development of data, applications and analytics pipelines is still often an handcrafted and largely non-repeatable process with minimal reuse, managed by individuals working in isolation with different tools and approaches.

Platform with Data Engineering and Data Operation services for organization-wide collaborations

We help you ensure data resiliency and agility by making your data business ready and helping you deliver continuous data by enabling Machine-to-Machine and Paper-to-Machine communication via API Gateways, API Managers, Command Line Interfaces, and advanced Data Flow Managers.

  • Integration Platform

    API integration platform with embedded tools and automations.

  • Cognitive Data Platform

    Platform to recognize patterns from documents like humans do and produce high-quality data sets.

  • Location Aware Platform

    Platform to precisely target initiatives by enabling location-based data.

  • Production pipelines

    Build custom automation pipelines and scale indefinitely.

  • Data Engineering

    Build data pipelines and data processing.

  • Data Operations

    Manage, distribute, collaborate, and utilize data operations.

Any integration

Secure and highly performant API Gateway and user friendly GUI to integrate any system or tool.

Any automation

Automate your integrations directly from your code with Java / Python and automated data flow managers.

Any operation

User friendly GUI for transparent and consistent service delivery and management of your datasets and integrations.

Accelerate Document Integration Automation

Getting deep learning models that understands documents like human do to production and scaling integration use cases in the business can be a significant challenge. We offer pre-built cognitive data capture solutions and services to automate the production of high quality data sets from your documents.


Unify the purchase-to-payment process by connecting procurement, invoicing, and payment operations.

Order to shipping

Unify the process from order to shipping to the last mile for seamless 24/7 delivery.

Our DataLab, the key to your success

Our DataLab is designed for the experimentation and qualification of your data. Use our DataLab to build and explore your datasets and to use them for your integrations, apps, analytics and Machine Learning algorithms.

Our DataLab helps you become data centric without disrupting your entire company. 

End-to-end solution to empower Location Aware Applications

Building and maintaining models and data sets to precisely target your initiatives by enabling location based data with demographics, analytics, end-points, and Apps can be challenging. We offer a location-aware integration platform and engineering services to automate high quality data sets for your location-based initiatives. The platform assigns attributes and channels to timestamps and locations and identifies how they interact with other objects on street maps.

Track the internet of things and determine location when devices are deep inside warehouses or while roaming.

Utilize WI-FI, Apps, online, data sources, radar sensors, and video analytics to accurately predict traffic flows.

Turn fans into customers with context aware 2-way communication and location based engagement.

  • Location Intelligence Marketing
  • Retail Planning
  • Proximity Marketing
  • What-If Analyses for Traffic
  • Traffic Prediction with Social Media
  • Traffic Control
  • Track Product Journeys
  • Product Provenance tracking
  • Fleet Management

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