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Crucial for success of Agromousquetaires was to centralize and automate procurement of 64 decentralized Production Units with over 1200 suppliers and to provide headquarters with real time statistics and insights over group procurement activity.

  • Move from local procurement to a centralized, automated, procurement platform
  • Provide headquarters with real-time insights
  • Procurement must be available for local Production Units


Contextual continuous data (CDC, batch, ML) is one of the most utilized features of SCOUT, but Agormousquetaires also utilizes data lake and automated workflows to ensure data quality and consistency and real-time insights with dashboard and reporting.

The solution contains a procurement integration (CDC and batch) platform into a central data lake, pass through series of transformations, and are available for both business partners, the central as the local sites from self-service data service catalogs.

  • Managed automated procurement data platform
  • iPaaS integration with Blueway
  • Master Data Management
  • Self-service data catalog
  • Insights and analytics

Agromousquetaires is the agrofood cluster of Groupement Les Mousquetaires. It is made of 10 manufacturing sectors, 59 production units throughout France, 11,000 employees and around 18,000 breeder partners and 1,200 farmer partners. Agromousquetaires is a mayor player in France and the 1st manufacturer of private label products in the country, manufacturing 3,000 «Made in France» references.

Groupement Les Mousquetaires was created in 1969 and is based on a private initiative. It gathers together over 3,000 independent entrepreneurs, 150,000 employees and has 3,969 stores that are part of 7 store brands.

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