About GetDataInsight

We help our customers innovate with data

Founded in 2016, we engineer and maintain cloud based full actionable data stacks and mission-critical data infrastructures based on Cloudera, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Redis and Elasticsearch. All available on low cost but high performance hardware, from cross region datacenters and highly available kubernetes clusters. Our environment is proven and trusted powering mission critical and highly available applications.

We are based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. 

Why GetDataInsight

Our customers eliminate the need for costly operations teams and technology, knowing that the back-end of their application infrastructure meets stringent SLAs, is secure, scalable and reliable. We help our customers control their data and build cutting edge applications and valuable insights for their business.

Our mission

It’s our mission to help our customers build the modern infrastructure necessary to control their data and grow from prototyping to world-wide scale.