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APEM’s industrial operations are characterized by a strong vertical integration. This allows APEM to support product strategies, which is to cover numerous markets and above all to adapt the offering to the needs of these markets. This vertical integration means expertise in many industrial trades in the Group’s 9 production sites, all located close to APEM’s main markets, ensuring perfect technical knowledge and extreme reactivity. Research and Development (with a strong product renewal rate), quality (aiming at product performance) and logistics (with an ever more advanced distribution organization) support industrial operations for continuous product/process improvement and excellence.

Crucial for success of APEM was to consolidate local production site catalogues into a single, consolidate catalog; a continuous updated central product nomenclature that also can be used locally.

  • Move from local product catalogs to a single, central, consolidated catalog
  • Continuous manufacturing data to keep the catalog up to date
  • The central catalog must be available for local sites


Contextual continuous data (CDC, batch, ML) is one of the most utilized features of SCOUT, but APEM also utilizes the self-service data catalog to make the data available for local sites, and the iPaaS connector for self service automated dataflows / workflows with Blueway

The solution contains a central nomenclature system for switch devices and consolidates data (CDC and batch) from 11 manufacturer sites into a central data lake, pass through series of transformations, and are available for both the central as the local sites from self-service data service catalogs.

  • Managed continuous manufacturing data platform
  • iPaaS integration with Blueway
  • Master Data Management
  • Self-service data catalog
  • Nomenclature system

APEM is one of the leading worldwide manufacturers of human-machine interface products. APEM develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of switching products: panel and PCB switches, LED indicators, joysticks and switch panels.

The group is based in 11 countries and relies on a network of more than 130 distributors on five continents.
It has production sites in Europe, America, Asia and North Africa.

APEM is part of IDEC Corporation, a leading manufacturer of industrial automation and control devices, with more than $ 500 million USD in total sales. 

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