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With population growth, many problems and smart mobility challenges started to appear. Also for De Verkeersonderneming. De Verkeersonderneming did have a need for a data platform to enable their smart mobility initiatives by enabling location based data with demographics, analytics, end-points, and actionable Apps. For example to help them run campaigns to provide safe traffic, promote mobility alternatives, or to reduce CO2.  

They needed a platform that:

Supports big data collection, processing and service integration

Data fusion to understand traffic.

Is ready for MaaS implementation

Maps, navigation, transport optimization and real-time data ready to run city mobility services in locations like Rotterdam

Can be used by both Data Scientists as business

Analytics, data science, and collaboration to understand what’s happening and predict the future. 


To meet the needs of De Verkeersonderneming, we customized our Scout platform. For example, we added features and streetmaps helping De Verkeersonderneming assign attributes and channels to timestamps and locations to identify how they interact with other objects on street maps in real-time. Other features we added are an App Connect Service, helping De Verkeersonderneming become a data service provider by letting App Developers connect their Apps and Tools to the data platform in line with the GDPR and collaboration features help the data scientists work on the platform (Jupyter) and collaborate with the business at the same time (Bitrix24 integration).


Helping De Verkeersonderneming understand the distribution of people, their socio-demographic profile, and habits.


Helping De Verkeersonderneming run campaigns based on real-time locations.


Helping De Verkeersonderneming know what’s happening and anticipate on real-time insights.

Our Scout helps improve city living with location intelligence that reduces traffic, improves safety, and empowers people to move in new and better ways.

  • Instant access to geospatial relationships, local area demographics, and behavior.
  • Gamification models in order to help De Verkeersonderneming attract mobility alternatives and collect spatially referenced information under the guise of playing a game.
  • Location data to measure location and potential, traffic, and behaviors to deepen intelligence, and optimize operations.
  • Combine channels such as online, social media, WI-FI endpoints, camera, and mobile infrastructure to collect data about the movements. Analyze behavior and patterns in order to enhance traffic reduction by providing insights and suggestions.
  • Conduct what-if analyses of situations that currently don’t exist, but can happen: what if a new office is being built in a given location, what if a bridge must be closed?
  • Improve urban traffic prediction by complementing traffic data with data of disrupting regular traffic patterns.
  • And much more!

De Verkeersonderneming Rotterdam is a Dutch cooperation organization for smart mobility between the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management / Rijkswaterstaat, the Rotterdam / The Hague Metropolitan Area, the Municipality of Rotterdam and the Port of Rotterdam Authority. We also work closely with the municipalities in the regions and partners such as Samen Bereikbaar and the accessibility in Haaglanden and regio Rijnland.

De Verkeersonderneming carries out projects for various parties. For example, they are working with municipalities on the Short-Term Mobility Approach 2020, they help Rijkswaterstaat with mobility management during the major maintenance of the N3, they are committed to a smooth flow on the A15 highway under the flag of the Short-Term Measures A15 from the Infrastructure and Water Management, Providence of South Holland and Drechtsteden and they are project leader of the MaaS project in the region of Rotterdam-e Hague.

Together with Accessible Haaglanden and Rijnland De Verkeersonderneming has a campaign Ways2go that provides information about accessibility, working from home, CO2 analytics, and sustainability and launches trial campaigns among residents, employees and employers throughout South Holland.

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