Customer cases


Continuous data for procurement.


Continuous data for location aware analytics and development.


Continuous data for manufactoring.

Port Réunion

Continuous data for border control (freight analytics).

Continuous data for stock optimalization

COEXPAN is a world leader in yoghurts and desserts packaging, with 13 entities in Europe and South America. COEXPAN equipped itself with a management and optimization platform of raw materials and finished products stocks. We utilized continuous data between this platform and the COEXPAN ERP system (cross updates between stocks entries/exports management, batches number attribution, returns and deliveries management).


« Our strong growth imposed us the implementation of an efficient tool of management and optimization of stocks.
Then, two options were conceivable : fully revise our information system and make the choice of an ERP which covers these fields (with the culture and financial shock it supposes), or implement a vertical solution (option for which we opted). It was thus essential to implement a tool that enables to assume these exchanges volumes. Today, both applications work in parallel but share, without discontinuing, data which are essential to them … The project budget could have been compared to a specific development except that today this platform is used for many other needs …»

D. BERTHELOT, Administrative and Financial Manager


« We actually concentrated on our business needs.
The project development had been made without any delay or budget overtaking though some demands of adaptation for exchanges processes …

We are now using this platform to make data imports/exports with our Sales Management Department and we are going to implement standard exchanges with some clients (Edifact standard) »

B. FRAUD, Production Manager

Continuous data for SAP (procurement)

Continuous procurement data between Sanofi Pasteur MSD and its European partners, bank (payments), and health authorities.

Continuous data for logistics and transport

Implementation of 450 logistic flows between 400 logistics parties and customers. The solution included a management portal, insights, and track & trace.

Freight consolidation platform

Implementation of a cloud-based transportation management solution that connects players, customers, and operators via web channels.

Application for the intake of patients

Develop software to share information about the patient intake between hospital departments.

Continuous data between Magento and SAP

Canson is a global leader in paper. As part of the intregration within the group Hamelin, they implemented SAP. Canson also implemented an e-business website based on Magento enabling to deal directly with consumers. We utilized integrations between Magento and the back office (FuturMaster, Klee, EuroEDI, SAP, WMS, Data Warehouse).

Continuous data for service management

Continuous data and analytics to a) Analyze users' requests from Alcatel Coheris CRM, b) Controls and updates clients' invoicing through BSCS, c) geolocate the subscriber's number within CIRCEE, d) request active materials to validate the service availability in WebPack, and e) propose and make appointments with CIRCEE technical teams.

Understand the patient pathway

Advanced analytics to help the hospital understand the patient pathway.

Cognitive document processing

Development and implementation of a cognitive document processing platform (ML) that converts scan / PDF invoices into compliant e-Invoice formats, available through API.

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