Our DataLab, a SaaS ready multitenant platform

Our DataLab allows your software developers and data team to develop data driven applications and figure out the value hidden in your data. Use our DataLab to test new applications or to generate new insights that can be put to productive use. 

If you’re thinking about a data lab a good first step would be to build a data lake to experiment with. 

  • Cloudera Hadoop for storing and processing massive amounts of data. 
  • Elasticsearch for real-time analytics.
  • Kibana for visualization of the same data. 
  • Jupyter Notebook to create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations and narrative text.
  • DotNetCore to develop data driven applications, or refactoring applications into microservices.
  • SaaS readiness to deliver several software delivery models to your customers or users. 
  • Multi-tenancy to service multiple customers or tenants from a single instance.
  • Redis and Kafka to use as an in memory database, a caching layer or a message broker.
  • OCR to extract text and text layout information from images.
  • DevOps integration for continuous integration and continuous delivery.
  • Tokenizer to anonymous PII data.


Monetize the DataLab

Build Actionable Reports
Sometimes what you find is best communicated by a report. 

Modify Existing Applications and Processes
Modify something you are already doing. If, for example, you found a pattern that pointed towards a higher sale, point customers to things that were more likely to appeal to them.

Create New Custom Applications
You might spot something in the data that is quite new. For example, create a new service or application that engage new types of customers in a different way.