Let us help you build your applications on a fast, scalable and distributed streaming platform

DataOps is founded on the concepts of Agile Development, DevOps and Lean Manufacturing following the DataOps Manifesto. DataOps incorporates numerous solutions, including orchestration tools and data engineering platforms, as well as data science platforms and data warehousing automation. We can provide you with consulting services or even entire DataOps teams to build your applications at speed.

DataOps Consulting services

Our DataOps consulting services are designed around Kafka, Redis and ElasticSearch. But we also have hands-on experience and expertise with Cloudera, Azure Data Factory, AWS Data Pipeline or for example Talend. We can help you with all deployment aspects and are dedicated to work closely with you to support each stage that your application will pass through. 

We can help you build your applications or review, maintain and optimise your existing deployments to ensure that your applications scale and free from any potential issues. 

Health check

With our health check we offer and independent review on your operational DataOps deployment. The review identifies issues such as sub-optimal topic configuration, improper log management, security vulnerabilities, network infrastructure problems and more.

Build at speed

We can provide entire DataOps teams to help you build and improve applications at speed. With our teams you don’t have to worry about hiring and training your own professionals.    

Zero downtime onboarding

We can help you moving your existing cluster to our managed streaming data platform. We offer a zero downtime migration of your existing application to our managed platform. 

Questions? We are here to help!