Analyse anonymous privacy data (PII)

Analyse data from any source, channel or endpoint as WI-FI, Apps, Google, Waze, online shop, FaceBook, or telcos in line with the GDPR. Our service transforms the privacy related data to a non-traceable token.

Use cases


Customer analysis, segmentation and loyalty programs. Operational efficiency, price optimization and customer travel. Location based promotions, dynamic content, performance analysis.

Financial service providers

Customer insight, segmentation, turnover, churn predictions. Operational efficiency, price optimization and promotions, omnichannel. New market insights, propensity analyzes, customized content, location specific.


Driver analysis, customized insurance. Applied product development. Location specific offers, dealer performance. Smart City and MaaS projects.


Predict and prevent churn, customer behavior. Smart customer journeys, device recommendations. Next-best-action. Real time marketing campaigns.

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