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The harbour is the major port of the French overseas département of Réunion in the western Indian Ocean. Port Reunion  facilitates the trade communication for La reunion Harbour Community.

Le Port wanted to improve border control by automating and streamlining transportation sourcing, planning, execution, settlement, and analytics for their logistics / supply chain partners. 

  • Automate and streamline transportation, sourcing, planning, settlement, and execution for supply chain partners


Contextual continuous data (CDC, batch, ML) is one of the most utilized features of SCOUT, but Le Port also utilizes the customizable multitenant web portal for trading partners and location integration for freight analytics, track & trace and route optimization. 

The solution transforms the local and global supply chains of Le Porte into a collaborative ecosystems – bringing transparency and efficiency together for all partners involved. It consolidates data sources from trading partners, including real-time locations, inflows, Cogiflow EDI (orders), and freight into a data lake, pass through series of transformations and workflows to ensure the quality and consistence, and are up to date and passes it to Le Porte and trading partner sub tenants for real time insights, including track & trace and inflows.

  • Multi tenant communications with Self-service data catalogs
  • Continuous contextual transport, order, freight, and locations data
  • Cognitive document processing with vision AI (non-structured to JSON)
  • EDI integration (Cogiflow) 
  • Self-service workflows with iPaaS integration (Blueway)
  • Track & trace with notification and inflow optimization with AI (smart traffic control)

Le Port is a commune in the French overseas department of Réunion. It is located at the extreme northwest corner of the island of Réunion.

Port Reunion is situated on the N coast of Reunion Island, 670nm E of Madagascar. General overview: Port Reunion is a commercial port and is the only port on the island, 20km from St Denis, the capital. There are two ports areas, Ouest Port (the old port), is an artificial harbour consisting of two main basins, max draught 8.5m, which is also a fishing port and a naval base. Est Port (the new port), consists of a turning basin and a berthing basin, max draught 12.0m. The distance between the old and new port is approx 3km. The main cargoes handled are petroleum products, building materials, sugar products, grain and food produce. Traffic figures: Approx 700 vessels, 4,300,000t of cargo including 250,000TEU and 53,400 passengers handled annually.

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