Onze technologie en diensten

Maak het beheer van data pipelines voorspelbaar

Gebruik onze volledig beheerde streaming data platformen en infrastructuur voor jouw data pipleines. Ontwikkel ze zelf of laat ons dat doen. Wij bieden support, onderhoud en optimalisatie voor door ons gebouwde pipelines. 

Eenvoudige setup en onderhoud

Wij doen alle We handle all maintenance operations, including updates and replacement of non-functional nodes with new ones.

End-to-end security

We encrypt your data at transit and rest. We firewall all your nodes and only allow connections from specified IP addresses.

99.95% service level guarantee

We are committed to keeping your environment online and offer discounts if we fail to meet our commitments.

A fully managed streaming data infrastructure

We enable you to accelerate your applications through a modern, fully-managed streaming data infrastructure. You can choose between Kafka or Redis. Both deployable in public clouds, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. With Elasticsearch we offer a fully managed document and full-text search database. 


Redis core, multi-model, transport middleware layer in Streams, Gears to processes real-time data and Redis Edge to drive IoT applications.


Kafka and Kafka Connect as a Service, Schema Registry, REST, Account Control Lists and a whole host of others.


OAUTH SSO, Kibana and Access Control Lists and a whole host of others.


Get unlimited log retention and search features with our ElasticSearch platform.


Get a better view with the built in performance and monitoring metrics.

Data pipelines

Copy between Redis or Kafka clusters across clouds.


Make user management simple with Microsoft OAUTH SSO.

Questions? we are here to help!