Traineeship Machine Learning engineer 

Our traineeship Machine Learning engineer is a 2 month intensive training, given by our seniors, at our offices in Eindhoven or Utrecht. The aim of the traineeship is to learn you how to take responsibility on taking models developed by data scientists. Machine Learning engineers integrate these models with platforms and applications. They assure that these models can be served, consumed, maintained, and retained. 

At GetDataInisght we focus on an entrepreneurial mindset, personal development, and machine learning engineering skills. Our machine learning engineers are well versed in foundational data science skills such as understanding data structures and data modeling, quantitative analysis methods, building out data pipelines, and statistics, while also having computer science fundamentals and software engineering skills such as understanding computer architecture, proficiency with programming languages, and the ability to program software solutions. 

The traineeship is focused on production engineering skills, learning you to design a machine learning/deep learning system, build prototypes, and deploy running applications that can be accessed via APIs or web services. We will teach you linear and logistical regression, anomaly detection, cleaning, and transforming data. And we will also teach you in-demand ML models and algorithms. For each model, you will learn how it works conceptually first, then the applied mathematics necessary to implement it, and finally learn to test and train them. You will be trained in various tools and systems, such as Python, C#, TensorFlow, Spark and Hadoop, R Programming, Apache Kafka, Redis, MATLAB, Jupyter Notebook, API, and more. 

After four weeks of training, you will start working on real customer cases. This gives you the opportunity to put your skills into practice right away.

Your future job

  • Improve existing machine learning models
  • Collaborate with data engineers to develop data and model pipelines
  • Apply machine learning and data science techniques and design distributed systems
  • Write production-level code and bring code to production
  • Manage lifecycles, from exploration and development to deployment, monitoring, and maintenance
  • Produce project outcomes and isolate issues;
  • Implement machine learning algorithms and libraries
  • Communicate model results to key business stakeholders
  • Research and implement best practices to enhance existing machine learning infrastructure.

Our offer

  • Traineeship, including certificates and training on the job under the guidance of our seniors
  • Challenging projects.
  • Kick start of your career
  • Excellent salary package

About you

  • At least a related Bachelor’s degree or related work experience
  • At least one year of Python and / or C# programming experience
  • digitally savvy, solution-oriented, and a team player
  • A strong dose of energy
  • Excellent Dutch and English speaking and writing

Interested? Want to know more? 

Reach out to our seniors directly. Call +31 (0)40 808 0141 and ask for Philippe Negro or Sascha Greven.

Or send an email to